Sarka Tinkova

About me

I am a creative and honest person with conceptual skills and a sense for detail. I really enjoy my job, and in my free time I attend both online and live educational seminars and events organized by various companies in online marketing.

My approach

I approach my work responsibly, and I do not promise anything I cannot fulfil. For successful long-term cooperation, it is important that we get on well not only professionally but also interpersonally.

Why work with me? 

I meet the deadlines; I am open to changes and new ideas that you might bring. I use your money effectively as an investment in advertising, and I am completely transparent.

I observe 100% confidentiality. I store your data on an encrypted disk and a secure account.

Do you want to know more about me?

You can also find me on the Navolnenoze portal, where you can read the latest reviews on working with me.

I change web visitors into satisfied customers.

Write me. See for yourself what I can offer you.